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Founded in 2016, ATLIUS Group runs and consults a portfolio of start-ups and small-and-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that are transforming human lifestyle through innovative solution and disruptive technology.
Aspired to make our society more green, healthy, convenient, connected, sharing and sustainable, we operate out of two strategies: Enabling Opportunities, focusing on finding deep value in our start-up partners and support them to reach their full potentials; and Innovation Partners, nurture, commercialize, and operate a proven innovative solution to achieve sustainable growth in the market.   
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We consult and enable entrepreneurs in technology and sustainability industries to turn your visions into successful companies with operations, go-to-market and fundraising guidance. 
As a results-driven organization, our investment in your business is more than just strategy and financial.  When we commit to working with you, we become your executive partners and lend our full support, from management down to daily operations, with the drive and flexibility to move your company forward and reach full potential.



We work with trusted and visionary Innovation Partners with shared values to access new markets, develop scaled operations and achieve sustainable growth in greater China and North Asia region.
ATLIUS takes up the proven technological and innovative solutions from our partners and turn them into commercialised products in a particular market through joint venture, profit sharing, or direct investment model.  We invest and exchange functional expertise as well as established network; and we share business risk with our Innovation Partners in major investments or projects.





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